Shipping update #4

All parts in stock for 2nd batch – new valve for 1st batch backers

Hello all!

A lot of change in the last month!  I hope you are all where you want to be and that you and your families are well. 

We’ll keep things brief and to the point this time.

2nd batch machines – shipping update – better news

The final parts from China have arrived. We have all parts in stock and we hope to be able to send out all 2nd batch rewards and orders this month. Hooray! Thank you all for your continued support and patience.  We’ve been receiving lost of lovely messages – thank you everyone.

Shipping does now add extra uncertainty. With all the travel restrictions and reduced flights, things may be slower than expected. We use DHL exclusively to ship our machines and they have their own fleet of aircraft, and we’re working with them to see what sort of delays we expect. We’ll contact backers individually if their shipments are likely to be significantly delayed. 

All 2nd batch backers: We’ve sent you a Kickstarter survey asking for your delivery address -please fill that out ASAP. 

New Pressure Release Safety Valve – free for all 1st batch backers!
This is the new valve. Note the button thing on the right. Only press it once the machine is completely cool.

Based on our early feedback from our 1st batch backers – we’ve designed a new safety valve that has a pressure release button. It solves the problem of the boiler being difficult to unscrew. All you need to do is press that button after you have finished brewing an espresso and after the machine has completely cooled down.

All 2nd batch backers will get one of these valves as standard. 

All 1st batch backers can have one for free, if they would like one. We have sent you all an email with details of how to claim your valve. Look for an email with the subject “[9barista] Free replacement pressure release valve for your 9Barista”. It seems that it’s being caught by spam filters for some. All we ask is that you answer a few questions about your machine, and pay for postage (which we’ve kept low, check options on checkout).

That’s about it for this update –  I hope everyone’s 9Barista is (or will be) providing a little bit of pleasure every morning while many of us are working at home / self isolating / sheltering in place – I know mine is! Oh – and by the way, lots of coffee roasters ship beans directly! 

All the very best, and stay safe,

Will & the whole 9Barista team

2 replies on “Shipping update #4

  • Niffenegger Kevin

    Dear 9Barista
    I placed an early order last year and in february I deposited the second half of the costs. I also received a confirmation for each deposites separately. I find it interesting, that I got two different order numbers #208 for the preorder and #1012 for the second order. Can you please confirm me that my device will be delivered soon? Also, if there is missing any information regarding the shipping address please let me know.

    Kind regards
    Kevin Niffenegger

    • 9Barista

      Hi Kevin,

      Thanks for your comment. We’ll be shipping your order out first thing next week (see the latest update on the blog). You have two order numbers because that was the easiest way to manage the 2nd payments – sorry it’s a little confusing.

      All the best,

      9Barista team


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