Shipping update #5

All 2nd batch machines finished and shipping starting Monday 30th!

Hello backers & supporters,

Another brief update on 2nd batch deliveries. It’s good news – all 2nd batch machines are assembled and ready to ship out on Monday and Tuesday next week. That’s all remaining kickstarter rewards and machines ordered on our website before the 17th of February 2020.

The tower on the right is all constructed machines! Also note the 3D printer on the right – it’s been helping with a lot of custom tooling.

We’ve spoken to DHL and they’re not expecting any issues with delivery (other than to Iran, but we don’t have any backers there) – so we’re hoping that most backers will have machines in their hands by the end of next week! Delivery times are next day for the UK, 1-2 days for the EU, 2-4 days for N America and 3-6 for the rest of the world. You’ll all be getting tracking numbers via email.

If you’d like to change you shipping address – you’ve just got time, please email [email protected] with your order number or backer number.

A sample 2nd batch machine – with a tiny tree – don’t let that confuse the scale for you.
And from the top….

That’s it!

Thanks again for your patience, support and enthusiasm.

Will & the whole 9Barista team

15 replies on “Shipping update #5

  • Roonie Kenjo

    I accidentally ripped the Boiler O-ring when I was showing the machine to my neighbor HAHAHA
    Luckily, the box included a spare one!
    But I ordered a whole bunch of parts -just in case- : )

    Thanks 9Barista team! You made everyone’s day get MUCH BETTER : )

  • Jill MacMahon

    Hi team

    Delighted to receive my machine which I have cleaned and run through with water prior to the first espresso being made. It’s a solid beauty through and through! Well done!

    Can’t find any info on the safety valve and operation of the paddle. Can you oblige?

    Many thanks


  • Bader

    Much appreciated on the update, and one last request; is there a cleaning & carring process for it that I might have missed and could direct me to?
    So that I can keep it well and long lasting.


  • Set Peh

    “you can talk the talk, but can you walk the walk?”

    hopefully this time you’re really shipping it, looking forward to it

    • 9Barista

      Hi Set,

      I’m sorry that our early estimates were not exact – building new things is inherently uncertain, particularly at the moment. We have been extremely careful with our language and have always said timelines can change. I’m sorry if this fell short for you.

      I hope you enjoy your machine and that you’ll consider it worth the wait.

    • John

      Set Peh have you been living under a rock for the past few months? Millions of people are losing their jobs and even worse things are happening.

      Second, average Kickstarter project delay is over 6 months – so all things considered this has been pretty good project.

  • Alan L Curry

    Well done guys. Not easy times but it will be a ray of sunshine during lockdown. My friend who has the first model is going to give me tips on how to get the best from your fantastic invention. are real experts on all aspects of coffee and they recommended your product.
    You have produced an amazing piece of technology. Again well done


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