Shipping update #6


In this, our final dual-posted Kickstarter update and Blog post: 

  • 2nd batch rewards all send – most website orders out.
  • New safety valves are on their way.
  • Future improvements to heat transfer plate.
  • 3rd batch castings arrive.
  • What’s next for 9Barista – and how you can stay in touch.

2nd batch (mostly) done-ness

As of Wednesday last week we have now sent out all 2nd batch Kickstarter rewards.  We’ve also send out most of the 2nd batch website orders.

However, there are a few that we were not able to fulfil. Some of the cast parts failed the final quality check process. Replacement parts are due to arrive shortly, and we’re hoping the delay won’t be more than a week or two. We’ll be contacting all customers who’s orders have been delayed. We’re sorry we couldn’t get them all out last week.

Obligatory shot of lots (and lots) of packed espresso machines!

First reviews are coming in and we’re seeing lots of backers producing glorious shots – please keep the feedback, photos and suggestions coming in. Either on our Instagram page (@9baristaespresso), or straight to us at [email protected].  

If you’re having any trouble dialling in your first shots – please shoot us an email to and we’ll help.

Pressure releasing valves on their way! 

We’ve starting shipping out the replacement mk. 2 safety valves. Please check out the instructions for replacing them hereImportant thing to note: Do not touch the safety valve button when the machine is still hot or warm.

Quick reminder – if you’re a first batch backer, you can have one of these for free – please check back on previous Kickstarter updates for instructions. 2nd batch customers have these new valves installed as standard.

Less warp – more speed

We’ve been getting reports of a few issues with the heat distributor plate – particularly on certain induction hobs / stoves – some backers are finding that there machine is taking longer than the ideal 3-6 minutes to start the coffee extraction. 

After some investigation, we’ve found out that the problem is caused by two things – 1) temperature sensors in the induction hobs, and 2) a slight manufacturing artefact.  

1) The induction stoves with the temperature sensors don’t like having the very hot plate directly on top of the hob, and reduce the power output as an (unnecessary) safety precaution. 

2) During manufacturing, when the holes are punched in the distributer plate they were all punched from the same side, causing a slight “dishing” of the plate. This means that for some, having the plate one way up was less effective than the other.

To solve both of these issues, we’re proposing to add some little legs so the plate is further away from the induction hob. The legs will only be on one side, so those that use the plate on halogen electric hobs, and need it directly next to the stove, can still use it. This will also have the advantage of being easier to pick up. 

Testing continues… but if you’ve you’re using the distributer plate on an induction stove and you’ve having slow brews – try flipping the plate over. 

A less legless and more Ikea induction stove compatible plate – legs are facing up in this shot.

Strike 3

Hot on the heels of batch 2 heading out, batch 3 casting are arriving. Still hoping to get these out in May. COVID-19 restrictions are always the possible spanner in the works, of course.

A giant box. All castings. This thing is nearly a quarter of a tonne!

The end of the beginning!

We have now fulfilled all pledges (with the notable exception of the black nickel backers who chose to hold out for the black version – you’re not forgotten!). That brings the Kickstarter campaign to – we’d like to think – a reasonably successful conclusion! 

Thank you all for following along, it’s been a pleasure sharing this journey with you all. Most of all though, thank you for your support along the way. We have received some of the nicest things we’ve ever read on the internet. Thank you! 

This will probably be our last update on Kickstarter, we’ll be moving over to this blog and instagram from now on.

If you’d like to continue to receive email updates from us, please sign up to our low traffic mailing list here.

That’s a wrap! If you’ve got any questions or comments, please leave them below.

As aways – thank you all your support,

Will & the whole (growing) 9Barista team.

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