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Hello all 👋,

We’ve been getting a few questions in from customers asking how we’re coping with all the COVID-19 restrictions, and if we’re still able to produce machines. So we thought we’d write an update.

We feel lucky to be able to say that we’re in a better position than many businesses. Some supplies have been delayed, but everything is still available and we are able to work safely ourselves. That means we are still taking and processing orders, and shipping internationally. DHL are doing a great job there, we’re still seeing 2 day delivery times to California, and next day to much of Europe.

As things stand today, new orders for 9Barista machines should be ready to send out in May. But please understand that this is an estimate and if our suppliers suffer delays, this date could slip.

Those who have already ordered machines and who’s order numbers are #1039 or greater share the same delivery estimate (and caveat) as above. In February, we’d estimated that we would be delivering this batch in April. I’m sorry this hasn’t come to pass, but I hope you understand that the delay was somewhat out of our control.

I hope that clears things up, please let us know if you have any other questions – the best way to get hold of us is to shoot an email to [email protected].

[Update – 1st May] We’re still expecting to meet our May target. While there have been some delays in our casting supply chain, it’s within tolerances.

[Update – 16th May] We’re still expecting to meet our May target – but it’s going to be tight. Our foundry suffered a major fire this week – everyone is ok, but it has caused widespread damage (they’ll need a new roof!). Luckily they’d finished casting our final parts – but it has delayed delivery to Monday. Once they’re with us, we just need to get the parts plated and the final assembly steps completed. Watch out for a delivery note from DHL in the coming two weeks or so.

[Update – 20th May] Final parts have arrived from our foundry today and they’re now off to be plated. Once they’re back we’ll start final assembly and packing.

Thank you all for your concern and messages of support.

Stay safe,

Will & the whole 9Barista team.

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