Grinders we like

Below is a list of grinders we’ve used with 9Barista – they can all produce good creamy shots. Manual grinders are small and portable, but grinding can get a bit tiring if you’re doing more than two shots in a row. 

  • Best overall hand grinder: Commandante C40 (~£189)
  • Best value hand grinder (cheaper ones tend not to be good enough for espresso): Made by Knock Aegrind (~£99) 
  • Entry level electric grinder: Baratza Encore (~£130) 
  • Prosumer level electric grinder: Rancilio Rocky (~£230)

Here are some of James Hoffmann’s YouTube reviews that might help you out too:

8 replies on “Grinders we like

  • Tobias P

    On the topic of grinders. I am currently in possesion of a Timemore Slim grinder and have wondered if there is any experience with this combination. I am kind of ogling the 9Barista machine, but don’t really want to invest in a new grinder as well, especially not a large electrical grinder. The small form factor and versatility of a hand grinder and a stove-top Espresso maker like the 9Barista is exactly what I am looking for.


    • Will Playford

      Hi Tobias, thank for your question. We haven’t tried the Timemore Slim grinder, but it looks like a good quality sturdy bit of kit. The manufactures state that it works down to espresso grind size, so I would say it looks like a good match for 9Barista. If you do end up trying it, do let us know how you get on. I hope that helps!

  • 9Barista

    Hi Max,

    Great! Thank you very much for your order and your support.

    Some shots of your 9Barista on deck would be wonderful to see!

  • R

    Just ordered my 9Barista and looking forward to putting it to work! I use a Commandante C40 with the Red Clix adapter as my primary grinder these days. Based on your previous experience testing, do you have any recommended benchmarks or starting points (i.e. number of clicks) for grind setting paired with the 9Barista?

  • Max Lamda

    You did help a lot.

    Ordered two to reduce the shipping costs. 😬

    Convinced my colleague he absolutely needs one on his boat (built 1941).

  • Max Lamda

    Well, since I have seen your product on the Hoffman-channel, I am really tempted to order the 9barista.
    I have a Rocket Portavia, two Bezzeras and actually really do not need it.


    Well, I have a strong love for thermodynamic gear. I am tempted to buy a sterling motor since at least 20 years. I am also tempted to buy a model jet engine since I was aware of their existence. I tried unsuccessfully to build one – I was 12 years old and had no tools at all.

    My greatest unexpected gift was as steam machine when I was 8 years old.

    It goes alll away at the end (I know it cause of J Cash).

    I was nearly at the point to say: Yes, ok, but why should you buy it. Yes, it looks so well engineered, it looks so well built, it looks more like a jet engine rather than a mokka pot. It can make really good shots (which I like). Yes it has a valve and a coil and such a great use of thermodynamic laws (pV=nRT) and I am a coffee addict physicist.

    All that said, I decided to let it pass. Just read a little mor about it. And what are you telling me? Your recommandatiin is a Commandante.

    I already have one for my Portavia.

    Desperatly looking for a use (other than just playing around with this beatifull beast) I try to imagine cooking coffee on my 1920 built swedish racing yacht. Sounds like I am a rich guy which I am not. (Too many children). Just obsessed.

    I am on the edge ordering one. Just one more reason. As little as it can be. PLEASE!

    • 9Barista

      Hi Max,

      What a lovely note / stream of consciousness 🙂

      I think you’ve sold me on the 1920s Swedish Yacht. Sipping a proper espresso on deck in the mornings is essential. 9Barista is pretty bomb proof too – I think it could survive being thrown across the cabin a few times!

      I hope that helps!

      9Barista team


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