Delivery date estimates

Hello everyone,

We’re pleased to report that we’ve had a wonderful response to James’ review of our machine. We’ve received a large number of orders and we are quickly scaling up our production facilities as a result.

We’re continuously working with our suppliers to maintain an accurate delivery schedule, which is shown below. We’re working as fast as possible to fulfil your orders, whilst ensuring all machines meet our quality standards.

Delivery Date Estimates

  • Order date: 2nd July – 4th July -> Estimated delivery: 20th Jul – 13th August
  • Order date: 5th July – 7th July -> Estimated delivery: 14th August – 27th August
  • Order date: 8th July – 15th July -> Estimated delivery: 28th August -17th September
  • Order date: 16th July – 24th July -> Estimated delivery: 18th September – 1st October

The delivery estimates stated above, and on the website when you placed your order are as accurate as we can/could make them. There is a degree of uncertainty in the dates as a result of our need to rapidly scale up production, and as a result of the ongoing Corona virus pandemic.

Once your machine is packed and shipped you will receive an email with a tracking link.

If you have any questions, please send us a message at [email protected], and we’ll get back to you as fast as we can.

Manufacturing Progress

8th July

We’ve been casting a lot of brass in Birmingham this week. Here’s one of the portafilters as is looks right out of the die-casting mould. After casting, the excess metal sections are removed and recycled, and the part then goes on to be vibro-barrelled, machined, hand polished, and finally electroless nickel plated.

20th July

This week we’ve started to receive the machined castings which when combined make up the high pressure twin-boiler system. These parts are now going through our quality control process, after which we will begin joining the coil heat exchanger, and apply the electroless nickel plating.

We’ll be posting more updates on this page as we continue to make progress.

Very best wishes,

The 9Barista team

5 replies on “Delivery date estimates

  • Alexander Schmalz

    Do you usually confirm an order via e-mail? Because I didn’t get one. I just wanted to know if you received my order (#2910).
    Looking forward to your (hopefully) great product.
    Greetings from Cologne

    • 9Barista

      Hi Alex,
      Yes I can confirm that we’ve received your order. You should have received an email confirmation. I’ve just resent it for you. If it still hasn’t come through for some reason, let us know, and we’ll email you a sales receipt manually. Many thanks for your order.
      The 9Barista team

  • Hasan Kacmaz

    It’s an awesome design and well worth the wait. Good work guys and greetings from down under

  • Jose A Campos

    Wondering when my order will ship?
    Thank you

    [Order #2461] (3rd July 2020)

    • 9Barista

      Hello Jose,

      Thank you very much for your order and your support.

      As we mentioned during checkout, your machine should be ready to ship some time between the end of July and mid August.

      We’ll be posting updates on the delivery schedule here [] – we’ll add more detail once we have it. We’re having to scale up production to meet demand, but things are moving quickly!

      I hope that answers your question, and thanks again for your order.


      The 9Barista team

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