Maintaining your heat exchanger plate

If you’re using the heat exchanger plate, it’s important that it’s in good condition. If it isn’t, it won’t transfer heat effectively to your machine and as a result, you may find that your machine doesn’t function correctly. 

If it’s not looked after correctly, it’s possible that it may delaminate into separate layers or bow out of shape. The plate should be slightly dished, like an ‘upside-down bowl’, although this is not always easily visible, but if it’s very noticeable then something is wrong and it won’t work as intended. 

How to maintain your heat exchanger plate

To keep your plate in good condition, don’t pre-heat it, be sure to take it off the heat when the machine has finished brewing and never cool it down with water. If your plate isn’t in good condition and you’ve started to have difficulties heating your machines sufficiently, it will need to be replaced. Replacements are available to buy here.