Keeping your heat transfer plate intact

It’s important that your heat transfer plate remains in good condition. If it sustains damage it won’t transfer heat effectively to your machine and as a result, you may find that your machine doesn’t function correctly. 

The plate is designed to be used on traditional domestic stoves. For this reason we recommend that you do not use a wok burner-style gas stove or industrial-style stove as these produce excess heat and can damage the heat transfer plate. We recommend using a medium-sized gas ring of between 2-3 inches in diameter, or a medium-sized electric ring.

Replacement plates are available if required.

  • Heat transfer plate: this plate works on both gas and electric domestic stoves. It will not work on induction stoves. You can buy it here.
  • Induction plate: this plate is designed to work on induction stoves. It will not work on gas or electric stoves. You can buy it here.

Note: The original silver heat exchanger plate, which worked on both gas and induction stoves, may delaminate into separate layers or bow out of shape if it’s left on the heat for too long, pre-heated or cooled with water. If this happens it won’t transfer heat to your machine. This plate is no longer available so if you require a replacement you have the choice of the new heat transfer plate or the induction plate.