My machine isn’t working on my induction stove

The problem

Note: this is no longer an issue when using our new induction adaptor plate.

We’ve seen that induction cookers can sometimes be a bit temperamental, turning themselves off before the 9Barista has got to temperature. This most commonly happens using the original heat exchanger plate. This is because the internal temperature sensor on the induction cooker gets triggered by the hot heat exchanger plate. It’s crucial that the 9Barista gets enough heat to work correctly, so there are a few things to try.

  1. Some induction cookers have a setting which enable the user to set the stove to run at a maximum temperature, instead of a maximum power. Some customers have reported that their machines only work when their induction stove is set to certain settings, and it can take a little bit of trial and error to find the right setting.
  2. If you don’t have any settings that you can change on your induction stove, setting it to ‘Boost’ or ‘Power’ often helps. This is usually found above the highest numerical setting, and is usually represented with a B or P. The stove may drop the temperature after a certain period of time, but usually still produces enough power to work.
  3. Sometimes different ‘rings’ provide more power, so trying a different locations on your induction stove is another thing to try.
  4. Another important thing is to check that the heat exchanger plate is the right way up. It should have the writing on the top. Occasionally using the plate the wrong way up also helps!

If using the original heat exchanger plate, we highly recommend that you upgrade to the new induction plate. You can buy this here.