Affiliate Programme

The 9Barista affiliate programme provides an opportunity for content creators and community leads to make a commission on sales of the 9Barista espresso machine that they refer to the 9Barista website.

How It Works

We will provide you with your own unique link and coupon code. You can make these available in any content that you create and share on social media, or at community events, and any time a 9Barista espresso machine is sold via your link or using your code, you will get a cut of the sale.


Commission is paid at a flat rate of £25 per machine sale and is paid no later than 60 days after the order has been placed and paid. We do not currently offer commission on the sale of spare parts, third party products or gift cards. Commission can be paid in GBP, EUR or USD, depending on the preference of the affiliate.

How To Apply

If you would like to apply for this scheme, please simply complete this registration form. You’ll be asked to enter some details such as your social media channels and your bank details (this is so that we’re able to pay your commission). Your application will then be reviewed by our team and you will be contacted if successful. Once we approve your application, we’ll send you your unique link and coupon code, which you are free to use.

Terms of Agreement

  1. If a sale made from your store or website is returned for a refund based on our 30 day refund policy, you will lose your commission from that sale.

  2. You must accurately describe 9Barista’s features and benefits to your audience.

  3. If you agree to join the Affiliate Programme, we are trusting you to represent 9Barista. We ask you not to defame 9Barista, the company or our products.

  4. You must not use any 9Barista trademarks or brand names, including the term ‘9Barista’ in any PPC advertising campaigns, keyword campaigns or Google Shopping campaigns.

  5. We reserve the right to remove you from this programme for any reason at any time.

  6. If you have breached any of these conditions, we reserve the right to withhold any commission that may have been due to you.

  7. Participation in the scheme implies acceptance of these terms.