9Barista is based in The United Kingdom.

We ship machines and spare parts world-wide.

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Shipping date estimates

All dates are based on the British timezone.

  • Order date: on or before 11th November 2021 -> Shipments complete
  • Order date: 12th – 18th November 2021 -> Estimated shipping date: 3rd December
  • Order date: 19th – 25th November 2021 -> Estimated shipping date: 10th December
  • Order date: 26th November – 9th December 2021 -> Estimated shipping date: 17th December

Please note: machines ordered with custom engraving may be shipped slightly after the above estimates.

The shipping estimates stated above and on the website when you placed your order, are based on the UK timezone and are as accurate as we can/could make them. There is a degree of uncertainty in the dates as a result of our need to rapidly scale up production and as a result of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

Once your machine is packed and shipped you will receive an email with a tracking link.

Shipping times

We ship our 9Barista machines with DHL Express or DPD.

DHL ships worldwide, and they’re fast:

UK: Next working day
Rest of Europe: 1-3 days
North America: 1-3 days
Rest of World: 2-5 days

DPD is only available in the UK and a few nearby countries, and is cheaper than DHL. It also has a significantly lower carbon footprint than DHL Express, which uses aircraft. DPD shipments are delivered by road, as is DHL Economy Select:

UK: Next day
NL, FR, BE: 2 days
DE: 3 days
AU, ES, SE, IT: 3-4 days

We cannot send machines to countries that DHL does not operate in. At the moment that includes Iraq, Iran and North Korea.

Customers can choose to use Royal Mail postage for small items, it’s much cheaper than DHL. Royal Mail shipping times are approximately:

UK: 1-2 working days
Rest of Europe: 2-4 working days
North America: 3-10 working days
Rest of World: 3-15 working days.

Shipping costs

Please use the shipping calculator on the cart page to estimate your shipping costs.

If you don’t get an estimate, please make sure you have your full address correct and try again. If you’re still having trouble, please contact [email protected] and we’ll help you out.

EU customs charges and VAT

9Barista is based in the UK and the UK left the EU on the 1st of January 2021. We continue to offer our services to our fellow Europeans, just as we did before.

Import duty: The UK and the EU have a free trade agreement, so there will be no import duty for any of our EU customers. Very occasionally we see a charge of 8 Euro being applied, but this shouldn’t be the case.

VAT: the only significant change that affects us is VAT. In the past, EU customers paid the 20% UK VAT rate and our prices included that fee. For now, our prices exclude local VAT for EU customers. Our couriers (DHL, DPD, local postal delivery) will contact you to arrange payment of VAT, so we recommend checking your SMS and emails to be sure you don’t miss them. If you do, your machine will be returned to the UK and we would need to charge for shipping again. They may also charge a small administrative fee in the region of 5 – 20 Euro. In Greece this is higher, see below for further information.

For machines shipped with DHL, VAT will be charged at your local country rate. You can look up your country’s VAT rate here.

For machines shipped with DPD, VAT will be charged at the rate of the clearance hub which the package first passes through, as per the table below.

Rest of World customs charges and VAT

Some countries charge import duties and VAT / GST / sales tax on our imports. We do not include those charges in our prices, so please make sure you investigate what your country charges. DHL may also charge a small administrative fee.

As an example, we believe machines shipped to Thailand will incur charges of approximately 2528THB.

Country / Bloc Import Duty VAT Notes
USA None None Below de minimis threshold for import duty
Canada None Yes. Rate varies per province.  
Australia None Yes  
Switzerland None 7.7%  
UAE 5% 5%  
This is our current understanding of what a few countries charge to import a single 9Barista espresso machine. We can’t guarantee the accuracy of this information.

We use the customs commodity code of “8210000000” for our espresso machines. You will need this to estimate customs charges. In many countries this commodity code attracts no import duties whatsoever.

Shipping to business or military addresses

If you wish to ship to a business address, that’s not a problem, but we will require some additional information if that business is within the EU. Please ensure that you include your business’ EORI number and VAT number in the notes section at checkout; without them customs will reject your order. If not provided, we will have to request them from you as without them we won’t be able to process your order.

Unfortunately our shipping partners are unable to deliver to military addresses, particularly APO, DPO or FPO addresses.

Country specific regulations

We have successfully shipped 9Barista machines to over 25 countries. We’ve learned that some countries have some creative customs rules that can cause problems which we’ve noted below. However, every country has their own customs rules and regulations and we can’t keep track of them all – so please check that with your local customs agency before you place an order.

Personal identification

Some countries will require some additional information to ensure your shipment passes through customs. Without it, customs will send the machine back to the UK, so please provide it at checkout. If not provided, we will have to request it from you as without it we won’t be able to process your order. These countries are as follows:

South Korea: Personal Customs Clearance Code (PCCC)

Spain: NIF

Turkey: TR ID number

Indonesia: NPWP number, or personal ID, driving license or passport number


We can ship 9Barista machines to mainland China. However, if you wish to order more than one machine, please contact us first as Chinese customs do not allow the shipment of more than one ‘item’ to personal recipients in mainland China. We’d need to send each machine separately. This restriction does not apply (yet?) to Hong Kong.


We recommend selecting DPD when ordering a machine or spares to Greece. This is because DPD apply the standard fees, shown above, whereas the administrative charge that DHL apply to machines being delivered to Greece is 60 Euro, with orders valued below 150 Euro charged at 45 Euro.


We have successfully shipped machines to Russia, but there are occasionally issues with customs. It appears that there are some rules which are occasionally enforced around personal imports that can block imports. It may be safer to import as a corporation, rather than an individual.