"I've reviewed a lot of gadgets over the years, but few, if any have been as astoundingly ingenious as the 9Barista."

"A seriously bold shot of coffee with that delicate crema layer to rival your favourite coffee shop."

A Technical Revolution in Espresso

Designed by Cambridge University jet engineer and coffee fanatic, William Playford, the 9Barista is truly unique. It has a patented twin boiler system, which has no electronics and only one moving part, making it outstandingly reliable and beautifully simple.

Built for Life

The 9Barista is unlike most espresso machines. Built from premium materials and manufactured to the highest quality, it’s designed to last a lifetime.

Made in the UK

All 9Barista machines are built in our factory in Cambridge (UK) by a team of highly skilled coffee-loving engineers, before being shipped all over the world.

Make it Personal

Looking for an extra-special gift for the coffee lover in your life?

We can custom engrave our espresso machines with a message or graphic of your choice.

It's Rocket Science

Born from a love of building small jet engines, an obsession with specialty coffee, and thermodynamics research at The University of Cambridge Whittle Laboratory - the 9Barista story is an unusual one.