Meticulously designed by our R&D engineer Hugh, our dosing funnel is an excellent addition to your barista tools. It allows for a swift, mess-free transfer of coffee grinds from your dosing cup or grinder to your portafilter basket. If you use a WDT tool, the dosing funnel will help keep those grounds contained.

Premium Materials

Machined from aircraft grade aluminium, the 9Barista 53mm Dosing Funnel has an elegant and ergonomic design that seamlessly fits on top of your portafilter. It is strong, light, durable and perfect for all of your wild espresso escapades. The 8 press-fit Neodymium magnets help lock your dosing funnel to your portafilter basket, creating a fast, secure and stable bond.


Use It Your Way

Getting grinds into a portafilter can be a messy business, and each home barista has their own technique. With its 68mm upper diameter, our funnel is designed to capture all your coffee grounds, ensuring there is minimal wastage, so you can get the most out of your coffee beans with no mess.

Whether you want to use a hand grinder and dosing cup, or grind directly into the portafilter basket - you'll find its got just the right geometry. We've also designed it so that you can keep the funnel in position while you tamp or use a WDT tool to achieve the optimal coffee distribution


Stand Out From the Crowd

Unconventional espresso is what we're all about here at 9Barista. That's why, in addition to a timeless black finish, we're also offering our dosing funnel in teal to make your barista tools look and feel extra special. The sand blasted and anodised finish gives the funnel a smooth, low friction surface so all your grinds go straight into your basket without any fuss.

Have we convinced you yet? Great! Feel free to hop over to our shop via the link below and snap one up for yourself today.

9Barista 53mm Dosing Funnel